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My life experiences birthed an apparel company in 1998. I named it Kosher after living with survivors of the Holocaust in East Berlin, Germany for a short time during my teen years. A native Atlantan, the home of the civil rights movement in the U.S., my perspective on foreign culture, fashion, and overcoming adversity was drastically expanded by this experience abroad. Though fascinated by fashion my passion was being able to fully produce whatever was envisioned. My products have now spanned for twenty years.   I also thought it important to affect people at the very core of their existence and no matter how well a shoe is designed or how well a garment is made its still only clothing. The need for producers to not only be socially conscious but to be socially active is at an all time high. So Im mindful to create products that not only appeal to a keen sense of fashion but also have elements of awareness. 
Keep it Kosher!